Temple Moons

While the Twelve have numerous temples all across known space, each of these gods have one (and only one) Temple Moon.  While each moon has a unique surface, all of them are a mere 144 kilometers in diameter and orbit their respective planets at a distance of exactly 210,000 kilometers.  

The Temple Moons are so named because of the extremely sacred Temple Complexes covering the surface of each moon.  These complexes are essentially city-sized temples to the Moon's respective god, each maintained by around 10,000 priests and hundreds of thousands of service robots.

The Temple Moons

Kore, Temple Moon of Aemoton the Farmer- Orbits the planet Megara
Anteros, Temple Moon of Aphrosia the Lover- Orbits the planet Sikyon
Khariklo, Temple Moon of Apollon the Wrestler- Orbits the planet Delphoi
Enyalios, Temple Moon of Areson the Warrior- Orbits the planet Sparta 
Arethusa, Temple Moon of Artesia the Hunter- Orbits the planet Tegea
Metis, Temple Moon of Athenia the Seer- Orbits the planet Athenoi
Hebia, Temple Moon of Heiria the Mother- Orbits the planet Argos
Palikoi, Temple Moon of Hephaeston the Inventor- Floats within Thebes
Angelia, Temple Moon of Hermia the Trader- Orbits the planet Korinthos
Eirene, Temple Moon of Hestia the Healer- Orbits the planet Khalkis
Dike, Temple Moon of Heuson the Father- Orbits the planet Olympia
Proteus, Temple Moon of Hoseidon the Sailor- Orbits the planet Mykenai


Temple Moons

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